Badge of Honor

Every day when I go to work I run into someone that feels the need to point out the many hours they have been working.As a note these are salaried employees, they do not get overtime.They tell me they were here over the weekend and over 10 hours every day last week.They try to make me feel like I am a bad employee because I am not here suffering with them.This situation occurred last year when I got back from my wedding and honeymoon (for which I used my vacation).One of the supervisors made it seem like that I took an undeserved vacation while everyone else had to work.These individuals act like it is a badge of honor to spend this much time at work.They then take that badge and try to make others feel as if they are bad employees for not working as many hours.

There are three situations that these employees fall into.The first is that are being taken advantage of by their boss.Second is that they may be doing a poor job in their position (this is what I normally see).They have to spend so much time at work micromanaging their employees because they have not made them accountable by giving them responsibility.Also, they have not taken the time to give their employees the proper training and they never ask for help when they need it.The third situation is that they have chosen to give their job a higher priority in life than anything else.

If you like working a lot of hours at your job then keep it up.Just remember that you are not a better employee because of it and you are neglecting other aspects of your life in exchange.If you do not like working a ton of hours then take action.If you are being taken advantage of then draw a line in the sand and begin to to correct your work life balance.If you have to micromanage your people then begin to educate yourself on how to give your employees responsibility.This consists of reading, reading, and more reading (I did not say this was going to be easy but it is worth it).Then begin to give your employees the proper coaching and training.Also, begin to ask for help; this will help you immensely in the long run.Finally, remember that you always have a choice about how you work and how much time you spend there.Make the right choice for your situation and do not act like there is honor in suffering at your job.

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  1. It takes all kinds to make up the world. We humans are bundles of complexities, many wish they could unwind and simplify.

  2. Josh,
    I have seen the same type of thing where I work. (Well, worked…I am starting in a new school this year.) It was often frustrating to hear the same few teachers brag about how late they stayed at school to do work, or how many hours they put in each week. Many of these teachers had been teaching a lot longer than I had, and at first I thought that I wasn’t putting in enough time. But, then I realized that many of these teachers (and the most vocal of them all, especially) were really lonely. Outside of work their own lives were not very fulfilled. So, rather than resent them for their “bragging” I understood it to be a way for them to feel good about themselves when they otherwise didn’t. So, even though I was a much newer teacher, I tried to be a positive example of balancing dedication to your work with appreciating yourself. I won’t be working in that school this year, so I can only hope that those teachers will someday find the balance in their own lives.

    ~Melissa 🙂

  3. I seen those opinions ,about how people fighting to descover their succes,
    I know only one principles that if people wants to do something ,if this
    came from his heart he will touch the sky and winn the race .
    I am from MOldova, city Chisinau,
    now I learn in the college as a social work,this is my second year.
    Thank You !

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