Evil Money

All too often I encounter people that think I am a bad person because I make more money than someone else.On a grander scale many people believe that large companies are evil.Finally, some people are seen as bad because they produce products based on Christian ideals and do not give them away for free.All of these things are incorrect.

First of all, there is this mentality in our nation that the only way to make a lot of money is by hurting others.This frustrates me because it devalues the hard work I have put in to earn my education and create value for others by the work I do.Also, most of the time when the media portrays a large company it presents it in a negative light.Both of these things are totally wrong.There are very few instances where a person or a company has done something that hurts others in order to make money (probably about 1% or less of companies fall into this category).

Making money is good.Let’s take a company like Microsoft.I bet some think that Microsoft is hurting people by the way it makes money.I will break it down for you. As of April of 2007 Microsoft employs 79,000 people.That is 79,000 families that are supported by this company directly. With the average household size at 3.14 Microsoft is supporting 248,000 people directly.Now consider where Bill Gates spends his personal money: his house, his cars, his food, his maid, his clothes, his kid’s college, etc.How many people get paid because Bill Gates makes so much money?Now all of the Microsoft employees do the same thing (except maybe a maid) which allows others to get paid.What about the products and services the company buys, computer parts, paper, telephone service, electricity.Jobs are created by Microsoft and its’ employees because of all of the money they spend.

Now consider the products that Microsoft produces.How has your life been made better because of Microsoft’s products? There is a good chance you are reading this using some Microsoft based products.

Finally, many people may argue that Microsoft is gouging the customer by charging so much for their products.They should sell them for less money.Where do you think the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gets the money they give away to worthy causes?Their charitable foundation also provides jobs for many people and so does the money they give away.

So, after that explanation, you see that Microsoft is helping many people in the world.Even if you are not a large corporation you need to consider the concepts outlined here, especially if you are a small business owner.When you are starting your business do not think you are hurting people by taking their money for the services you provide.First, people believe that something is worth less the cheaper it gets.Second, people only give you money because you are giving them something that they value more than their money.Finally, when you are making money you are spending money and helping others.The more money you make the more you spend and the more people you help.This is being a good steward of money.

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