Don’t Get Too Comfortable

This is a continuation of the previous post; but here I am going to explain why it is important not to irrationally fear discomfort.Let’s say you are an employee at Chevrolet and you have been offered a buyout to leave your job.You see the huge amount of money that you will receive if you take the package. On top of that, you hate your job and this could help your family pay off the mortgage.Also, with the money you have left over you could begin that business you have been dreaming about.You and your family decide this is a blessing because of the freedom and security you will gain.As the deadline for accepting the deal comes closer you begin to think what could happen if you did not have the “security” of the job (security does not come from your employer, it comes from you and your ability to produce).On the day of the deadline you turn it down because you are afraid to take the leap.You are comfortable where you can punch the clock and someone tells you what to do (they also tell you how much money you can make).A couple of months later you find out that your plant is slated to be shut down.Now you are left without the buyout package, no job, and no plan.
I have talked to too many people that hate their jobs, similar to the previously mentioned Chevy worker.I talk with them about finding work they love that will afford the lifestyle they are want.At the end of the conversation, when the have made all of their excuses, it is easy to see that they are not willing to put a plan in place and make the move to another career.They are too comfortable (lazy) to stop watching TV, make a plan, put the plan into action, learn a little bit, and begin to make the transition to work they love.They have told themselves that this kind of change would be too hard.They stay where they are and in the job they hate and spend the rest of their working career in comfortable misery.The surprising thing is that these transitions involve very little risk (certainly less risk than working for an employer in this volatile market).They are just irrationally afraid and too lazy (comfortable) to put out the effort and make the transition.
In conclusion, ask yourself if you are living in comfortable misery in any part of your life.If you are take action and put a plan in place to begin your transition to something better.If you are not willing to change stop complaining andrealize that it is you that have decided to stay in something you hate.

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