Leveraging Your Abilities

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Have you ever heard the statement “don’t trade hours for dollars”? Until recently I did not fully understand the implications of this statement. I was listing to The American Entrepreneur podcast and Ron (the host) fully explained it. When you trade hours for dollars the only way to make more money is to work more hours. While you are trying to build your bank account or pay off debt you wish for time to pass more quickly so you can get more money. But, consider this, when you are wishing for time to pass you are wishing for death to come sooner. You are caught up in waiting helplessly for that next paycheck; you are not able to enjoy yourself. How can you get any enthusiasm in a job where you are essentially waiting, you have no control of making more money. The clock controls you.

This is why you need to take control of your income. I do not mean you have to quit your job. You need to begin to put a plan in motion so you can make money on your terms. For instance, part time you should consider ways that you would like to make more money. You could sell stuff on Ebay, you could join a legitimate MLM company (they exist but you have to do research), you could do yard work in your neighborhood, you could build an affiliate marketing website. There are so many options available; you just have to look into yourself and figure out what you like to do and brainstorm ways that you could make money doing the things you love.